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Security and loss prevention professionals are bombarded with invitations to attend conferences this is one of the few, in my view, that should be attended for the valuable political, police and business insights that participants obtain. I think however busy, you should try to find time to attend.”

"I personally thought it was one of the best shows so far"

"Agenda was interesting and a good networking exercise"

"This is one of the few events that is a MUST attend as it always delievrs the best speakers with the latest information"

"I would just like to extend my appreciation for hosting a very professional event and securing an impressive list of speakers"

Date and Venue Announcement

Retail Crime & Loss Prevention 2015
Wednesday 30 September
Etc Venues, Dexter House, Tower Hill, London

The agenda for 2015 is currently being developed and will be available shortly

Operational and Practical Solutions to Retail Crime

This year's BRC Retail Crime Survey has revealed that UK retailers are fighting a rising tide of organised theft in store. Combined with the dramatic increase in fraud and ecrime, and the commonly perceived threat to businesses posed by cyber-attacks, this means that retailers are facing an increasingly sophisticated criminal.

The BRC Crime and Loss Prevention conference brings together retail security bosses, senior police representatives and business groups, providing an ideal forum for debating the major issues currently concerning all parties.

A word from our Conference chairman...

Phillip Hagon

Head of Corporate Security



“These are challenging times, with significant threats from the growth of cyber-crime and fraud and, of course, organised crime gangs often operating from outside the jurisdiction of the UK. However, I am more optimistic than ever that law enforcement and security professionals,
working collaboratively, can effectively counter this threat and make the UK an increasingly
hostile environment for criminal behaviour.

There are many calls upon our time, but I really believe that attending this Conference and learning about what active involvement in the partnership against crime actually means – what you  can contribute to making the UK a safer place to live and do business – will be an extremely worthwhile use of that valuable time”



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